Sweet Potato Diced


Made using a unique steaming process to retain the natural goodness and taste of sweet potatoes, with a distinct rice flour coating for extra crunch. 


Sweet potatoes, canola oil, modified starch, rice flour, dextrin, salt, raising agent (E500, E450), colour (paprika extract), thickener (E415).


Fryer: Fry for 3-3.5 minutes at 175°C. for 500g portion
Oven: Cook for 15-18 minutes at 220°C.

Product information
  • Article number805881
  • EAN-Code Foil8710449932399
  • EAN-Code Box8710449932382
  • Weight per pieceNot available
  • Shelf Life24 months at –18°C
  • Packaging Capacity2270g
  • Content per box5 x 2270 g
  • Cartons per layer12
  • Layers per pallet7
  • Cartons per pallet84
  • Pallet dimensions1200 x 1000 x 160
Nutritional value per 100 grams
  • Energy700kj (170kcal)
  • Protein1.5g
  • Carbohydrates22g
  • Of which sugar7.1g
  • Fat7.5g
  • Of which saturated1.1g
  • Food fibres3g
  • Salt0.4g

Have you already tried Aviko’s tasty diced sweet potatoes? They are perfect for serving in casual dining restaurants and catering as a sweet potato side dish. Aviko’s unique steaming process retains the natural goodness, vitamins and taste of the sweet potatoes. And a special rice flour coating ensures extra crunchiness. Surprise your guests with Sweet Potato Cubes!

Aviko brings convenience and taste to the professional kitchen

Peeling, washing and cutting potatoes into dices is a thing of the past. Save yourself the trouble with tasty Aviko Sweet Potato Cubes. The cubes are easy to prepare in the fryer or oven. Fry for 3-3.5 minutes at 175°C. for 500g portion or cook in the oven for 15-18 minutes at 220°C. These frozen Sweet Potato Cubes have a shelf life of 24 months at –18°C. Just scoop out of the packaging what you need, and store the rest in the freezer for later use. In this way you have good basic products that you can keep in stock throughout the year. Nothing goes to waste.

Healthy ingredients, good taste

Healthy ingredients can make delicious dishes! Place the sweet potato dices on your menu. The Sweet Potato Cubes bring a new dimension to the world of diced potatoes. Sweet potatoes are related to the tubers and contain vitamin A, C, antioxidants and fibers. These ingredients are important for a balanced health.

More information about Sweet Potato Cubes from Aviko

Are you curious about Aviko Sweet Potato Cubes? Request a free sample and try them in the kitchen of your casual dining restaurant, or in catering services like bar catering, corporate catering or party food catering. Download our Recipe book for delicious recipes with Sweet Potato Cubes. For example: Sweet Potato Curry or Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts. Did you come up with a tasty recipe with our potato cubes? Share this with us. Surprise your guests with Aviko Sweet Potato Cubes!